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The Garden Tiger was founded by Don in 2004. Jade joined the team in 2010. We’ve been gardening intelligently ever since, and still look after some of our original gardens. We’re proud of our longevity. Gardeners come and go: The Garden Tiger endures.

Our Philosophy

Our principal aim is your satisfaction. We make sure we know what you want and work hard to achieve it. However, we will also consider the plants and wild creatures whose home is in, or includes, your garden. A varied habitat benefits them, and makes for a more enjoyable space for us as well. We like our gardens to look tidy and well-tended, but even in the smallest garden it is usually possible to find a little area we can leave without too much interference – a compost area, for example, or beside a hedge. If this appeals to you, take a look at Gardening Naturally, where you will find green ideas about not only gardens but the wider countryside.


This philosophy of gardening with nature, not against it, underlies our choice of name and our symbol: the Garden Tiger moth.







Two things we will not do in your garden. We will not apply chemicals of any sort, except on paths and paved areas – and even then as a last resort. If you yearn for a “perfect” lawn – that is a lawn artificially reduced to one or two varieties of fine grass, you will have to ask a lawn treatment specialist to do it, or apply the herbicides and growth-promoters yourself. We like wild flowers in our lawns, though moss often needs controlling, which we routinely do with a scarifying machine before the first spring mow.


The other thing we will not do is cut hedges in the nesting season. It is in fact an offence punishable by a heavy fine to cause a bird to abandon its nest (and eggs, or nestlings) by hedge-cutting in the spring and early summer. Even if there was no such law, we would not do it, simply because we respect nature and are committed to conserving wildlife. Some hedges can look pretty unruly by mid-summer, but the temporary untidiness is a small price to pay for having birds in our gardens all year round. Our garden is our recreation, but it is their home – and they were there first.

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